Happy Updates

I want to share a few pieces of recent exciting news:

First, I received 1 of just 5 dissertation fellowships sponsored by The Graduate School at CU-Boulder: The George F. Reynolds Award. I would like to extend congratulations to my fellow Romanticist Kurtis Hessel for also winning one of these coveted dissertation fellowships. What this means is that I do not have to teach for academic year 2013-2014 and can focus solely on my dissertation while still receiving financial support from CU. What an honor and a joy.

I also learned that I won an Excellence in Teaching with Technology award at CU-Boulder. Students in my Fall 2012 Introduction to Women’s Literature course nominated me (I had no idea) for our use of WordPress, Twitter, and Storify in various assignments over the course of the semester. This award means so much to me because it was student initiated. I believe that digital tools have a unique ability to bring students together in new ways to create knowledge and community. I feel a lot of personal pride when I see it working in both larger and smaller assignments and I am encouraged and grateful that my students understand how it contributes to meaningful educational work, as well. To my students in my Fall 2012 courses: thank you so very much — you inspire me.

Finally, right now I am preparing for a month-long research trip to the UK thanks to a generous Ogilvie Award I won last year. I will be in the UK researching primarily in London from mid-May to mid-June. I’m looking forward to it!


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