Stainforth Project Update, December 2014

Team Stainforth has had an extremely productive summer and fall, as we began to work collaboratively across two institutions: CU-Boulder and Dartmouth College, where I’m managing the project for my Neukom Institute postdoctoral fellowship. Follow our project blog for more frequent updates.

  • We added two important mentors to our team, both at Dartmouth College: Professor Ivy Schweitzer, English Dept. and Women and Gender Studies, and Professor Mary Flanagan, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities and Professor of Film and Media Studies. I also want to thank Professor Dan Rockmore, Director of the Institute, and the Neukom staff who have made my transition to working here an absolute joy.
  • I published a biographical sketch of Stainforth on the CU-Boulder University Libraries Special Collections website as well as the project blog. This essay is the first part of a longer biographical research project devoted to Stainforth.
  • I delivered two talks at Dartmouth college on the project, the first at “The Digital Crucible: Arts & Humanities & Computation” conference, hosted by the Leslie Center and the Neukom Institute (Dartmouth College). Find a video of the Digital Crucible conference’s 19th-century panel here; my talk starts at 19:00. The second talk introduced the Stainforth Library of Women Writers project at the Fall Term Neukom Institute dinner reception.
  • Catalog data: our research and transcription team completed raw transcription for the entire acquisitions section of Stainforth’s catalog manuscript. That is 509 pages of bibliographical entries, and each page contains 24 lines. This massive effort required several months of careful editorial work by a team of transcribers including myself, Kyle Bickoff, Michael Harris, Erin Kingsley, Elizabeth Newsom, and Deven Parker. Our next step is to edit this data for a selective release scheduled for Spring 2015. This release will help us begin to visualize the titles as they appeared on Stainforth’s bookshelves.
  • We created a youtube video that demonstrates how _The Catalog of the Library of Female Authors of the Rev. J. Fr. Stainforth_ (1866) works. There are two catalogs within one binding: the library holdings and the “wish list” of books the collector wanted to acquire. Special thanks to Stainforth Project Team members (at CU-Boulder) Michael Harris, Sean Babbs, and Katelyn Cook.
  • We have also begun the process of locating Stainforth’s actual books as they have been dispersed in various libraries and institutions across the US and Britain. We locate them by searching for Stainforth bookplates listed in provenance metadata. Here is our up-to-date list, which includes 23 editions as of 12/3/14. If you would like to help us with this book hunt, simply do a general search for “Stainforth” in your home library catalog and comb the catalog results for Stainforth bookplates (in provenance or notes metadata). Please email me if you find one or think you may have found one: Thank you!

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