Video trailer: My new Spring ’15 English course “Women’s Literature and Technologies”

Presenting the video trailer: New Spring 15 English course “Women’s Literature and Technologies”*:
Women Literature and Technology on Vimeo
This video is about Women Lit and Tech
Spring 15 English Course 53.06, taught by English/Neukom postdoc Dr. Kirstyn Leuner

“Women’s Literature and Technologies” (ENGL 53.06) MWF at 2 Hour.
Dist: LIT; WCult: W. Course Group III

  • Read works (like Frankenstein) on the themes of identity, authorship, and technologies alongside breaking news coverage of current events relating to gender, digital technologies, programming, Silicon Valley, copyright, authorship, and more.
  • Explore hypertext fiction and electronic literature (works designed to be “read” on a computer)
  • Handle/study very old and rare books in Rauner Special Collections
  • Make 19th-century letterpress prints in the Book Arts Workshop
  • Encode and publish digital poetry and prose in multiple platforms
  • Play with my postdoctoral project that builds a digital model of an actual 19th-century library
  • Design/execute a final project all your own
  • Feel free to email me with questions:

Special thanks to Dartmouth Instructional Designer Michael Goudzwaard for editing and producing the trailer. #boom


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