Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2016-17

I have a number of invited talks, lectures, and roundtables already scheduled for 2016-17.

23-25 October 2016: I will deliver an invited talk on creating Dartmouth’s first undergraduate “Introduction to Digital Humanities” course, Queen’s University, Matariki Digital Humanities Colloquium. Read the abstract.

Spring 2017, date TBD: I have been invited to deliver a lecture for the University of Colorado Boulder’s Exploring Digital Humanities Lecture Series. I will present on the Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing, the DH project I direct.

21-24 June 2017: I will organize/chair and present on a roundtable called “Digital Generations of 18th- and 19th-century British Women Writers” for the 25th Anniversary British Women Writers Conference. View my CFP. I have also been asked to introduce the opening keynote speaker at the conference.

10-13 August 2017 : For NASSR 2017, I am in the process of proposing a Book History Caucus session with Michelle Levy, “Life After Print: Digital Methods for Women’s Book History.”


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