Links for Matariki Colloquium Talk on Teaching Digital Humanities to Undergraduates

Matariki Digital Humanities Colloquium, 23-25 October 2016, Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario).

Here are the links that I will mention, in order, either verbally or on slides in my talk, “Writing an ‘Introduction to Digital Humanities’ Syllabus? You May Need to Screw Around, Too!” In my talk, I suggest that we can use Stephen Ramsay’s essay “The Hermeneutics of Screwing Around; Or What You Do With A Million Books” to help those designing undergraduate surveys of the expansive and still-expanding field of Digital Humanities. I argue that we can organize DH surveys and make them meaningful to an undergraduate audience by connecting disparate methodological modules with DH projects geared toward undergraduate interests and resources that are particular to their institution. The thematic link between modules in my Winter “Introduction to DH” course at Dartmouth College will be social justice, and where possible, my examples are projects directed or demonstrated by my colleagues at Dartmouth.

Ramsay, Stephen. “The Hermeneutics of Screwing Around; Or What You Do With A Million Books

Liu, Alan. Map of Digital Humanities (Prezi)

Davidson, Cathy. “If You Can’t Change Higher Ed Overnight, Change Your Classroom. Here’s How!

Nakamura, Lisa. The Unwanted Labour of Social Media: Women of Color Call Out Culture As Venture Community Management

Pew Research Center. Social Media Conversations about Race

Liz Losh, “#GamerGate 101,” Virtualpolitik (blog) (17 Oct 2014)


“Metadata Games”

AntConc text analysis tool:

Voyant text analysis tool: 

Sinclair, Stéfan, and Geoffrey Rockwell. Hermeneutica: Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the Humanities

Voyant analysis of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright’s speeches



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