The Blackwell Companion to Women’s Writing in English

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 4.03.25 PMI am the editor of a proposed nineteenth century volume in a four-volume collection to be published by Wiley-Blackwell. This collection of critical essays on women’s writing in English from 1300 to the present, edited by Ivy Schweitzer, will provide much-needed global and feminist perspectives on the history of women’s Anglophone writing. For example, my nineteenth-century volume will discuss a balance of writers from America, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Great Britain, India, and New Zealand. It also strives to see the long nineteenth century as a collection of micro-histories of global political, domestic, material, and philosophical changes rather than a more traditional and Eurocentric periodization narrative. Furthermore, the volume will also traverse a range of topics relevant to contemporary issues in feminist, gender, and textual studies, such as women’s writing in non-literary forms like recipes and news reports, their influences on and responses to technological innovations, women and finance, gender and ecology, women’s roles in the nineteenth-century printing and book publishing industry, and how contemporary authors have used the relatively new medium of e-literature to (re)tell the stories of nineteenth-century American women on the frontier.


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