Here, you’ll find a selection of websites for the courses I have taught at Santa Clara University as well as links to digital projects completed with students at SCU. For details on courses I have taught at Dartmouth College, the University of Colorado Boulder, or Miami University (Oxford, OH), contact me.



Student Projects

  • Students in “Literature and Women: Prison Writing” (Fall 2018) made a “collaborative lexicon” in a public website called Prison World Words. Their task was to identify a word or phrase from our reading that seems especially specific to our study of theory, critical context, and narratives of women’s prison writing. The term or phrase you choose should be particular to a world, to words, that seem to be different from your own (here, we take individual experience into consideration). Crucially, they must be terms that will, once explained, help others understand the words and worlds of incarcerated women. The result of their work was this website: https://prisonworldwords.wordpress.com/.  Find the full assignment instructions here.
  • Exhibit in Special Collections & Archives, with an accompanying digital exhibit: https://scufrankenstein.omeka.net/. This exhibit was a collaborative project curated with two other classes, taught by Professors Michelle Burnham and Amy Lueck, and with Nadia Nasr, Director of Special Collections & Archives. See slideshow for images of our very well attended opening June 7, 2018, and the final exhibit installation with iPads for digital components. Santa Clara Magazine covered our exhibit in a Feature Story https://www.scu.edu/news-and-events/feature-stories/stories/history-repeating.html.

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  • Spring 2018 Digital Literacy and Social Justice (ENG 14), students studied and practiced new digital literacies as contributors to Wikipedia working to close its considerable gender gap in contributing editors and content. Students published 16 new articles, edited 60 unique articles, and as of 16 July 2018 have 2.3 million article views. Students authored important articles on topics including “The Pink Tax,” “Heteronormativity in Engineering,” “Feminist Rhetoric,” “Violence against Women in Mexico,” “Abortion in Afghanistan,” “The Lolita Effect,” and “The Gender Pay Gap in the United States Tech Industry,” among many others. Wiki Edu published a feature blog post on my class called “Exploring the intersection of digital literacy and social justice on Wikipedia.”
  • Introduction to Literary History and Interpretation, by the SCU students of ENG 14, Winter Term, 2018 (digital book)